Timur Si-Qin

(Germany) b.1984

Lives and works in Berlin

Timur Si-Qin’s work emphasizes the nature of the synthetic, focusing on the materiality of globalized and networked society, oftentimes blending the virtual with the actual in an effort to highlight the heterogeneous, distributed space of our mass-mediated ecology. Si-Qin’s works frequently seek to detract from the aura of human self-importance. His objects manage to both gently mock our preoccupations with health, appearance, virility and luxury, while also linking such predilections to a pre-cultural era. 

KNMER 406 is the fossilized remains of a hominid that lived on the eastern shores of Lake Turkana 1.7 million years ago. Premier Machinic Funerary is a negentropic rite held to mark this distant ancestor’s transitions and rebirths from organism, to rock, to digital data through the meta-morphic contingencies of geology, culture, commerce and technology which absorb and reverberate the lives of our ancestors long after their deaths.

Si-Qin has shown internationally at Bonner Kunstverein in Bonn (solo), Museum Fridericianum in Kassel, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing, and CCS Bard, NY.

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