Jonah Freeman & Justin Lowe

(USA) Freeman, b. 1975; Lowe, b. 1976

Live and work in New York


Jonah Freeman & Justin Lowe are artists who have exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide. Their work is primarily comprised of architectural installations that reference a wide range of historical and social contexts. Often, the central component is a room as a sculpture, in which the observer moves through a series of interiors. Within this context their media include collage, photography, sculpture, painting, film and performance.

For the 2014 Taipei Biennial, Freeman and Lowe premiere a new film, The Floating Chain and an installation, Floating Chain (Fake Wall). The Floating Chain is a still life movie that takes the form of a semiotic Rube Goldberg machine. The style is inspired by the surrealistic banality of a breakfast cereal commercial. The physical setting is the placeless and timeless location of the “set.” A series of props, pictures, models and environments are connected through a meandering narrative of sonic and typological links. It is an ethnographic science fiction movie in which objects are the stars.

The installation, Floating Chain (Fake Wall), consists of three distinct environments that are connected through a series of portals and apertures. The entrance to the piece is through an office that is modeled directly off the administrative section of TFAM. It is as though one has wandered into a non-exhibition section of the building, an area that is potentially forbidden or off limits. It is from here that through a portal one exits the office and emerges in an area that is clearly behind the temporary walls of the “normal” exhibition. The light is dim and has the character of an abandoned section of the museum. The central component of this room is a large-scale model of TFAM constructed from memory and then expanded upon to a hypertrophic scale – as though the museum has expanded to a mega-city.

It is from this area that the spectator glimpses the third, and final environment: The Octopus Spa. Inside, there is a cacophony of plants, terrariums, fountains, padded recliners and personalized electronics – a drug/technocratic merger that has become the newest trend in spa/health retreats. It is a mix between a gaming center, a nail salon and an airport spa.

Recent solo exhibitions include Sister Moirè, Winfield House, London (2013); Artichoke Underground, Art Basel: Unlimited, Basel (2013); Diamond Hidden in the Mouth of a Corpse, Istanbul'74, Istanbul (2012); Stray Light Grey, Marlborough Chelsea, New York (2012); Bright White Underground, Country Club, Los Angeles (2010); Black Acid Co-op, Deitch Projects, New York (2009); and Hello Meth Lab in the Sun, Marfa Ballroom, Marfa, Texas (2008). Freeman and Lowe have participated in such group exhibitions as MMuseumm, New York (2014); (2013); Paradise Row, London (2013); and MOCA Los Angeles (2012). They have been the subject of articles and reviews in such publications as Artforum, Modern Painters, The New York Times, The Village Voice, and Vice, amongst others.

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