Rachel Rose

(USA) b.1986

Lives and works in New York

Rachel Rose’s work addresses the boundaries between life and death. The subjects of Rose’s videos and installations range from zoos and a robotics perception lab, to Philip Johnson’s Glass House, the American Revolutionary War and 19th-century park design. Rose anchors these sites in a range of perspectives on death, from our vulnerability to catastrophe to the impact of history on our lifespans.

At TB2014 Rose will present the video work Sitting Feeding Sleeping (2013). The video investigates a feeling of “deathfulness.” The artist went on several research trips to get close to entities that were almost human, or almost dead - advanced AI-controlled robots, cryogenically frozen bodies and zoo animals. The result is a deeply thought video essay on living and material, spoken by Rose’s auto-tuned voice, which asks the central question, “What are you sitting, feeding, sleeping, for?” eventually arriving at the proposition that perhaps we are here “for the mutations that we make.”

The installation, like the edit, makes palpable what these seemingly disparate sites share. The acrylic glass, concrete, carpet, and light of the projector reference the living room, zoo and editing itself.

Rose’s recent exhibitions and screenings include Electronic Arts Intermix, NY (2013); MOCA Miami (2013); the David Roberts Foundation, London (2014); Sculpture Center, NY (2014); Lothringer 13, Munich (2014); Pilar Corrias, London (2014)

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