Marlie Mul

(Netherlands) b.1980

Lives and works in Berlin and London

Marlie Mul’s sculptures often simulate everyday outdoor objects that refer to human interaction, such as air vents used as ashtrays, heaps of snow arranged with stubbed-out cigarette butts, or gritty rain puddles littered with generic bits of trash. With cigarette butts and litter depicting traces of human behaviors, the situations presented in these works suggest to the viewer an invisible presence of a virtual population or crowd.

For TB2014 Marlie Mul will present 7 new sculptures depicting rain puddles. Made from sand and resin, their smooth faces reflect the light, with small stones and entrapped bits of trash penetrating their sleek surfaces.  These realistic-looking objects present the viewer with a certain sense of everydayness, and of familiarity; they are recognisable and globally generic, hinting at imagery of the urban or suburban. Putting to use drama and atmosphere, they also play with the perspective and architecture of the museum’s spaces. 

Mul’s solo exhibitions include: Croy Nielsen, Berlin (2013); Fluxia, Milan (2012); Autocenter, Berlin (2012); and Space, London (2012). She has participated in group shows at Vilma Gold, London (2013), M/L Artspace, New York (2013); Tanya Leighton, Berlin (2011, 2013); and HHDM, Vienna (2012). Last year, Mul also co-curated the group exhibition “Door Between Either and Or” together with Judith Hopf at Kunstverein München.

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