Neïl Beloufa

(Algeria/France) b.1985

Lives and works in Paris

Neïl Beloufa’s sculptures, assemblages, videos and installations use displaced, condensed or fictional images. These works exist in a world that parallels our own and delights in it, where the incidental surfaces as the subject, and where these subjects are as likely to meet as two submarines or two satellites.  His moving image works look at social interaction and conversation. Set in often mundane or ambiguous settings, his characters play out scripted events that reveal subtle consequences and intimate gestures. He sets up situations in which both amateurs and professional actors explore enigmatic subjects ranging from extraterrestrials to nationalism, terrorism, and the future. 

People’s Passion, Lifestyle, Beautiful Wine, Gigantic Glass Towers, All Surrounded by Water (2011) is, ostensibly, a series of interviews Beloufa carried out with apparent residents of a newly built residential development in an unnamed North American city. It will be projected onto a layer of moving screens interrupting a multidimensional view of a video. The video explores relationships among places, and 21st-century aspirations that blur the lines between everyday life as it is and as it is imagined and mythologized (in the language of brands and lifestyle machines). The moving screen will be synchronized with the images of the video and will follow the movement of the sun (as it appears in the video). It calls into question the nature of the images, if they are only reflections or part of the video itself. The installation will take on the appearance of a giant hologram/ipad with moving images and frames. 

Beloufa has exhibited in art institutions and film festivals, including solo shows at Hammer Museum, Los Angeles (2013) and Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2012); and group shows at SongEun Artspace, Seoul (2013); Royal College Of Art, London (2013); and Manifesta 8 (2010). He has participated in the Lyon Biennale (2013) and the 54th Venice Biennale (2013), and is currently preparing solo exhibitions at ICA, London and Banff Art Centre, Canada. He is represented by François Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles; Galleria Zero, Milan; and Galerie Balice Hertling, Paris. 

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