Chuan-Lun Wu

(Taiwan) b.1985

Lives and works in Tainan, Taiwan

Chuan-Lun Wu’s previous works used variety of materials, from computer generated images, photography, carving and painting. His pieces are often infused with the idea of modularization, and mostly revolve around “how nature is observed and delineated in present day”, which involve with the dialectic between classical and digital ages.

What we call “minerals” in this project are actually objects that were burned by human and then weathering under nature in coastal area. They appear to be natural things, but are in fact petroleum products that nature can neither accept nor assimilate. “Mineral” alludes to the process to reclaimed these objects as resources. Through the use of 3D scanning, they were transformed into files retain volume and texture, and thereafter “image-objects” via software reconstruction and manipulation. These “minerals” indicates that classical categories of “artificial” and “natural” are no longer applicable in this circulate world. Perhaps the “naturalization of artificial objects” and the “artificialization of natural objects” will become a more meaningful standard of differentiation.

This project involves the interplay of a real display of “minerals” and the images inspire from it, extending the line "from resources, to products, to waste”, through the exchange between matter and digital represents a extricate from classification, and with technology the once unconsidered spirit of (waste) objects find a way to reincarnate.

As well as several group exhibitions, Wu recently held a solo exhibition, Kiss... and Save: Chuan-Lun Wu Solo Exhibition at Nanhai Gallery, Taipei (2012). Wu is the recipient of the 2011 Kaohsiung Arts Award (Honorable Mention) and the 2007 Taipei Arts Award (Honorable Mention).

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