Sound Worlds Rotation

Hosted by Ting Shuo Hear Say
February 21–March 17, 2024

Ting Shuo Hear Say (Alice Hui-Sheng Chang and Nigel Brown) invites ten artists for a series of rotating three-day residencies for exploring new improvisational possibilities. Recordings, documentation, and other artifacts and traces of the collaborations will remain as residue within the space following the residencies.

Ting Shuo artists: 

He Chen-En, Liu Chun-Liang, Daniel Ditlevson, 동이 dongyi, Cia Him-Ian Li, Immanuel Dannenbring, Iris Chun-Tzu Chang, Lin Tzu-Ning, Tseng Po-Hao, Yoshi Yung-Chih Hsueh.


trios in residence  (SEE MORE)

21 February–2 March, 2024

Experimental improvised music is a social practice. Above adherence to any demarcated set of aesthetic principles, what is valuable is openness and trust. To listen first, and find a way forward together, meeting your contemporary at the threshold of your experience and theirs.


Artists on Site each day

For two weeks, the music room becomes a studio and a living room for 10 artists from Taiwan’s diverse experimental sound scenes. They will each spend three days on site, building temporary sonic worlds with each other and breaking them back down. The Music Room will function as a testing ground: a space for attempts and failures, for embracing the mess of collective discovery and establishing understanding through action.


Feb. 21st.: Immanuel Dannenbring + 동이 dongyi + Yoshi Yung-Chih Hsueh

Feb. 22nd: 동이 dongyi + Yoshi Yung-Chih Hsueh + Tseng Po-Hao

Feb. 23rd: Yoshi Yung-Chih Hsueh + Tseng Po-Hao + He Chen-En

Feb. 24th: Tseng Po-Hao + He Chen-En + Lin Tzu-Ning

Feb. 25th: He Chen-En + 동이 dongyi + Daniel Ditlevson

Feb. 27th: Lin Tzu-Ning + Daniel Ditlevson + Cia Him-Ian Li

Feb. 28th: Daniel Ditlevson + Cia Him-Ian Li + Liu Chun-Liang

Feb. 29th: Cia Him-Ian Li + Liu Chun-Liang + Iris Chun-Tzu Chang

Mar. 1st: Liu Chun-Liang + Iris Chun-Tzu Chang + Immanuel Dannenbring

Mar. 2nd: Iris Chun-Tzu Chang + Immanuel Dannenbring + Lin Tzu-Ning

All day: Visitors are welcome to enter the music room at any time, 3 artists will be on site each day. 


Daily Open Sessions (~30 minutes)
11:00 conversation with the residents, hosted by Alice Hui-Sheng Chang

16:00 improvisation recording with live audience, hosted by Nigel Brown



Round Table Discussion  (SEE MORE)

Saturday, February 24th, 18:00–20:00

On listening, sound, improvisation, and community

Visitors are encouraged to participate in the discussion

Hosted by Ting Shuo Hear Say

‘Ting’ means hear, ‘Shuo’ is say: listening and voicing. Taken together the term means ‘hear of’ something passed around, messages or news. When we listen to each other, we each take away a different essence of an encounter: a word, a phrase, a pause, a gesture, an attitude, an energy. It’s our collective differences that make us whole, a part of a larger palette of colours.

Round Table Discussion invites everyone in the room to join in, in a listening and voicing journey. We might start with topics about listening, sound, improvisation, and community. Passing the microphone, we follow the inputs around the room. Conversations might travel to far away places. We meet and connect as our thoughts cross, and weave our energies together.



Open Improv Night   (SEE MORE)

Saturday, March 2nd, 18:00–20:00

Experimental sound practice can necessitate an engagement with our surroundings: the scene we operate within and the support systems it builds in the absence of commercial imperative, or the audible details of our environment as they pervade the personal sound worlds we build. It can also spiral us inwards, as we fall captive to our own patterns and thought processes.

The Music Room Open Improv Night is an invitation to anyone performing with sound to participate in a large-group collective improvisation. For each other, we create a space held by an audience, sensitive to the potentialities of a room activated by collective attention.



Those interested are asked to register at the following link by 11th Feb. 2024. Participation is open to performers of all experience levels and a selection will occur if the event is oversubscribed. Your participation will be confirmed by 19th Feb. 2024.

Please keep your performance setup simple! Consider that you will be part of a large group creating sound together - leaving space for others will be as important as contributing sound. There will be power and inputs on the main mixer available (max 1 input per performer). In the interest of giving space to unamplified participants, the PA volume will be moderately low. Mobile and acoustic setups are also highly encouraged.

The event will be recorded and may become part of the Trios In Residue exhibition between March 3 - 17.



trios in residue   (SEE MORE)

March 3–March 17, 2024

Occupying the Music Room for the week following the Trios In Residence program, Trios In Residue hands the space over to a contemplation of the energies and ideas that emerged. Carried beyond the live moment, these sound recordings, discussion fragments, documentations, physical markers and random detritus can be re-experienced and new lines of connection drawn.

Artists: He Chen-En, Liu Chun-Liang, Daniel Ditlevson, 동이 dongyi, Cia Him-Ian Li, Immanuel Dannenbring, Iris Chun-Tzu Chang, Lin Tzu-Ning, Tseng Po-Hao, Yoshi Yung-Chih Hsueh.