Julian Abraham "Togar" & Wok the Rock

<i>Hostbuster</i>, Presented by Julian Abraham “Togar” & Wok The Rock, January 5–28, 2024-圖片

Hostbuster, Presented by Julian Abraham “Togar” & Wok The Rock, January 5–28, 2024

As musicians, artists, curators, and organizers active in Indonesia, Wok the Rock and Julian Abraham “Togar” have cultivated a practice of hosting and being hosted, listening and being listened to. During their month-long residency at the Taipei Biennial 2023, they aim to explore and unfold the sonic connection between Indonesia and Taiwan by facilitating a series of gatherings. This multifaceted program takes shape as conversations, listening sessions, jam sessions, radio broadcasts , karaoke parties, concerts, hangouts, dinners, film screenings, and more. With a focus on the Indonesian migrant community in Taiwan, they will seek out Indonesian musicians who have been part of the Taiwan music scene for more than a decade. Through these meetings, they hope to strengthen existing networks of exchange and solidarity as well as build what the organizers call a “sonic library” that can be shared between people from Indonesia and Taiwan. One of the aims of the program is also to connect with the community of musicians, curators, organizers, music collectors, etc., in Taipei to look for potential long term and lasting collaborations between all these different and sometimes disparate communities. The program will develop organically based on both informal gatherings as well as organized events in the music room featuring the friends and collaborators Togar and Wok meet during their stay in Taiwan.

Public engagements will take place on 7, 13, 14, 20, 21, and 27 January, 2024.