Music No Borders

Saturday, January 27, 2024
15:00-18:00 @ Music Room 18:00-23:00 @ Continue Music Studio
Host: Alica Han and Chen Wei-lun (Suck Glue Boys)
English, consecutive translation in Mandarin
Chen Wei-Lun. (Photo: Lu En-Han)-圖片

Chen Wei-Lun. (Photo: Lu En-Han)

Chen Wei-Lun. (Photo: Lu En-Han)-圖片

Chen Wei-Lun. (Photo: Lu En-Han)

Sundialll. (Photo: Nyawangswara fest)-圖片

Sundialll. (Photo: Nyawangswara fest)

Rama Saputra. (Photo: Rangga Adika)-圖片

Rama Saputra. (Photo: Rangga Adika)

Rama Saputra. (Photo: Rangga Adika)-圖片

Rama Saputra. (Photo: Rangga Adika)

Yang Yong-Xuan. (Courtesy of the artist)-圖片

Yang Yong-Xuan. (Courtesy of the artist)

Tu Yu-Ting. (Courtesy of the artist)-圖片

Tu Yu-Ting. (Courtesy of the artist)

Chen Hong-Yu. (Courtesy of the artist)-圖片

Chen Hong-Yu. (Courtesy of the artist)

Chen Hong-Yu. (Courtesy of the artist)-圖片

Chen Hong-Yu. (Courtesy of the artist)

Inspired by the common slogan “No Borders, No Nations" in the international migrant worker movement, Music No Borders, the fourth week’s music session hosted by members from the local punk collective Suck Glue Boys, aims to break barriers by encouraging more interactions between artists, musicians, and audience. Music No Borders will utilize Music Room as a temporary gathering spot, in which members of Sundialll will invite musicians, dancers, and audience to explore cross-cultural artistic expressions of Indo-TW in the form of performances and beyond.

Sundialll HUB: The Reshaping Ceremony Behind The vibration)))  

Entry Time: 14:50
Sundialll, Alica Han, Wang Qian-Han, Yang Yong-Xuan, Tu Yu-Ting
16:00-17:00 semut
Rama Saputra , Chen Hong-Yu, Dutchgerm
17:00-18:00 sundialll
Sundialll, Alica Han, Rama Saputra


About the Host
Chen Wei-Lun & Alica Han 
Members of Suck Glue Boys. Chen has organized punk gigs in Taipei for more than a decade. He is the contributing editor for Coolloud and a member of the editorial team of Inter-Asia Woodcut Mapping Zine. Alica Han is a sound/experimental cross-disciplinary creator from Taipei, Taiwan. She has been doing no-input sound performances since 2020, and attempted to incorporate traditional musical phrases and field recording sounds into her compositions after touring Java Island. During live performances, she tries to depict geographic landscapes with electronic sounds. She also collaborated with Indonesian sound artist/producer Rama Saputra on the Taiwan-Indonesia field recording sound collage project named Sundialll.


About the Artist
Sundialll is a sound and movement performance project by two musicians/interdisciplinary artists Alica Han (TW) and Rama Saputra (ID). They experiment with artistic expression that occurs beyond borders in Taiwan and Indonesia.

Alica Han
LICA / Alica Han is an experimental performer from Taipei, Taiwan. She utilizes vocal techniques, feedback signals, and live recordings to create dynamic compositions of melody or frequency. Her main goal is to explore the resonance between personal memories and cultural/land events. 

Rama Saputra
Rama Saputra is an Indonesian artist and music producer. His work deals with speculative syncretic identity, artistic thought of 'Synthdentity' (synthesis and identity) synthetic electronic sounds in tribal/mysticism-inspired music, and postcolonial critiques of power.


About the Invited Performer
Wang Qian-Han
Passionate about dancing since childhood, Wang Qian-Han set aside dance training after leaving school and became an observer, letting life influence her perspectives on seeing, storytelling, and performance.

Yang Yong-Xuan
At 26 years old, Yang Yong-Xuan has dabbled in metalworking, dance, and painting and has served as a dancer in Taiwan's first Afrobeat band Island Futurism.

Tu Yu-Ting
A freestyle dancer, Tu Yu-Ting explores various dance styles such as street dance, contemporary dance, and butoh. Her recent work is a physical theatre piece ””My Visceral Memory.”

Chen Hong-Yu
Skilled in playing wind and plucked instruments, Chen Hong-Yu is the baritone saxophonist in Island Futurism.

A drummer, composer, and music producer, Dutchgerm's work spans across various fields and genres.


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