Have You Ever Met Dao Ming Tse?: A Tribute to Meteor Garden

Sunday, January 7,2024
Music Room
Host: ID-TW Pop Bureau
Language: English, consecutive translation in Mandarin


14:00-14:10 Introduction by Julian Abraham “Togar” & Wok the Rock
14:10-14:40 Event Presentation by Irfanpopish
14:40-15:00 Video Screening- Have You Ever Met Dao Ming Tse?
15:00-16:00 DJ ŌÁ
16:00-17:00 DJ Spykee

"Have You Ever Met Dao Ming Tse" is an intimate showcase that celebrates the Taiwanese boy band F4, which formed after the Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden. F4 (flower 4) is one of the most famous pop groups in Taiwan’s history, having also gained popularity in other parts of Asia, including Indonesia. Their songs have become some of the most memorable music in Taiwan by Indonesians. The success of the TV series created a vivid collective memory that carved each star’s characteristic style and fashion onto the minds of a generation. Revisiting this phenomenon, the artists will play songs from F4 and Meteor Garden, also other pop songs in the same era both in Taiwan and Indonesia. To embrace our memory is to embrace our guilty pleasures. 

"Have You Ever Met Dao Ming Tse" is part of Hostbuster, a program of the Taipei Biennial 2023 Music Room hosted by Julian Abraham “Togar” & Wok the Rock. As musicians, artists, curators, and organizers active in Indonesia, Julian Abraham “Togar” and Wok the Rock have cultivated a practice of hosting and being hosted, listening and being listened to. During their month-long residency at the Taipei Biennial 2023, they aim to explore and unfold the sonic connection between Indonesia and Taiwan by facilitating a series of gatherings.

About the Host

Muhammad Irfan
Muhammad Irfan also known as Irfan Popish, a writer from Bandung, Indonesia, currently based in Hsinchu, Taiwan, as a Master’s student in Inter-Asia Cultural Studies at National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University. His works include a book called Bandung Pop Darlings (2019) about two decades of the Indie Pop scene in his hometown, Bandung and Numpang Gandeng, a video essay about underground bands among the Indonesian Migrant Workers community in Taiwan. 

About the Artist

DJ / event promoter from Taipei, Taiwan. Started his career as a resident DJ at clubs in Taipei in 2001. During the electro clash boom, he was invited to play opening set for overseas artists incl. 2manydjs, Steve Aoki’s Taipei gigs in late 2000s. From 2009 onwards, he began organizing live shows at Taipei's music venues and indie parties. He has performed at major music festivals in Taipei such as the Megaport Festival and Vagabond Festival.

Started learning DJing at the age of 20, he not only took on various projects but also frequently organize events with diverse themes. Proficient in creating a vibrant atmosphere during events, he brings about changes using songs from different genres or languages, offering a unique musical journey for the audience. Specializing in Hip Hop, House, Garage, Experimental Pop, and Chinese songs, he has organized numerous parties with different themes and performed in various party venues, including PIPE, 23 Music Room, HAKU, The Wall, and more.

Gilang (Asterisme) – Video Maker
Gilang Raihan is an amateur journalist from Indonesia with a deep passion for art, music, pop culture, fashion, and media. These passions have driven him to establish an independent alternative media called Dive on Asterisme, or simply Asterisme in 2019. With Asterisme, Gilang captured the Indonesia music scene through writing and videography. He also produced a mini-documentary about a Jakarta-based Skramz band called Rekah, titled Rekah: A Thousand Years Later, inspired by one of their song titles.