Ting Shuo Hear Say "Sound Worlds Rotation"- trios in residue

Sunday, March 3 to March 17
09:30 - 17:30
VenueGallery E
Ting Shuo Hear Say- Trios in Residue-圖片

Ting Shuo Hear Say- Trios in Residue

Wei Chen Photography-圖片

Wei Chen Photography

trios in residue 
March 3–March 17, 2024 


Occupying the Music Room for the week following the trios in residence program, trios in residue hands the space over to a contemplation of the energies and ideas that emerged. Carried beyond the live moment, these sound recordings, discussion fragments, documentations, physical markers and random detritus can be re-experienced and new lines of connection drawn. 


Artists: He Chen-En, Liu Chun-Liang, Daniel Ditlevson, 동이 dongyi, Cia Him-Ian Li, Immanuel Dannenbring, Iris Chun-Tzu Chang, Lin Tzu-Ning, Tseng Po-Hao, Yoshi Yung-Chih Hsueh.


Sound Worlds Rotation  
Based in Tainan, Taiwan and run by Alice Hui-Sheng Chang and Nigel Brown, Ting Shuo Hear Say facilitates participation and encounters with contemporary listening and sound practices. Sound Worlds Rotation was conceived in two phases: “trios in residence” and “trios in residue.” Ting Shuo has invited ten artists to be in the Music Room, each for a three-day residency. Each day, three artists are present, with one joining and one leaving the group. The artists bring their sound practices and work in an improvisational manner to discover new possibilities in collaboration with their trio partners. Following the residencies, recordings, documentation, and other artifacts and traces will be left behind in the Music Room as “residue.” The  residue of these interactions will be archived and presented in various forms within the space. 


Contact   Ko Chia-Yu | 02-25957656 #323 | eva7807-tfam@gov.taipei