Ting Shuo Hear Say "Sound Worlds Rotation" -Open Improv Night

Saturday, March 2
VenueGallery E
Open Improv Night-圖片

Open Improv Night

Wei Chen Photography-圖片

Wei Chen Photography

Open Improv Night
Saturday, March 2nd, 18:00–20:00


Experimental sound practice can necessitate an engagement with our surroundings: the scene we operate within and the support systems it builds in the absence of commercial imperative, or the audible details of our environment as they pervade the personal sound worlds we build. It can also spiral us inwards, as we fall captive to our own patterns and thought processes. 

The Music Room Open Improv Night is an invitation to anyone performing with sound to participate in a large-group collective improvisation. For each other, we create a space held by an audience, sensitive to the potentialities of a room activated by collective attention. 


CALL FOR PARTICIPATION, fill this form: https://reurl.cc/xLvAjV

Those interested are asked to register at the following link by 11th Feb. 2024.
Participation is open to performers of all experience levels and a selection will occur if the event is oversubscribed. Your participation will be confirmed by 19th Feb. 2024. 

Please keep your performance setup simple! Consider that you will be part of a large group creating sound together - leaving space for others will be as important as contributing sound. There will be power and inputs on the main mixer available (max 1 input per performer). In the interest of giving space to unamplified participants, the PA volume will be moderately low. Mobile and acoustic setups are also highly encouraged. 

The event will be recorded and may become part of the Trios In Residue exhibition between March 3 - 17. 



Sound Worlds Rotation  
Based in Tainan, Taiwan and run by Alice Hui-Sheng Chang and Nigel Brown, Ting Shuo Hear Say facilitates participation and encounters with contemporary listening and sound practices. Sound Worlds Rotation was conceived in two phases: “trios in residence” and “trios in residue.” Ting Shuo has invited ten artists to be in the Music Room, each for a three-day residency. Each day, three artists are present, with one joining and one leaving the group. The artists bring their sound practices and work in an improvisational manner to discover new possibilities in collaboration with their trio partners. Following the residencies, recordings, documentation, and other artifacts and traces will be left behind in the Music Room as “residue.” The  residue of these interactions will be archived and presented in various forms within the space.