Ting Shuo Hear Say "Sound Worlds Rotation" - Round Table Discussion

Saturday, February 24
18:00 - 20:00
Gallery E




Round Table Discussion
Saturday, February 24th, 18:00–20:00

On listening, sound, improvisation, and community
Visitors are encouraged to participate in the discussion

Venue:Gallery E


Hosted by Ting Shuo Hear Say

‘Ting’ means hear, ‘Shuo’ is say: listening and voicing. Taken together the term means ‘hear of’ something passed around, messages or news. When we listen to each other, we each take away a different essence of an encounter: a word, a phrase, a pause, a gesture, an attitude, an energy. It’s our collective differences that make us whole, a part of a larger palette of colours. 

Round Table Discussion invites everyone in the room to join in, in a listening and voicing journey. We might start with topics about listening, sound, improvisation, and community. Passing the microphone, we follow the inputs around the room. Conversations might travel to far away places. We meet and connect as our thoughts cross, and weave our energies together.


Sound Worlds Rotation  
Based in Tainan, Taiwan and run by Alice Hui-Sheng Chang and Nigel Brown, Ting Shuo Hear Say facilitates participation and encounters with contemporary listening and sound practices. Sound Worlds Rotation was conceived in two phases: “trios in residence” and “trios in residue.” Ting Shuo has invited ten artists to be in the Music Room, each for a three-day residency. Each day, three artists are present, with one joining and one leaving the group. The artists bring their sound practices and work in an improvisational manner to discover new possibilities in collaboration with their trio partners. Following the residencies, recordings, documentation, and other artifacts and traces will be left behind in the Music Room as “residue.” The residue of these interactions will be archived and presented in various forms within the space.