Death and LIfe of Fiction or the Modern Taowu

By Anselm Franke

Spiral Lands / Chapter 2

By Andrea Geyer

The Manipulations of Time

By Henri Lefebvre

The Bloody Latte: Vampirism as a Mass Movement

By Ian Svenonius

The Turner Archives

By Yin-Ju Chen

Powers of the False (Notes from a Journal)

By Eric Baudelaire

Museum of Rhythm: A Constellation of Anomaly

By Natasha Ginwala

History as Sorcery (Excerpt)

By Michael Taussig

How to Catch a Beast —A Brief History

By Chihiro Minato

Preface to Whirlwind (Originally titled A Tale of Modern Monsters)

By Jiang Gui

Ginger Glacier

By Adam Avikainen

To Prison

By Hijikata Tatsumi

Taipei Notes: 2011.11.19–2011.11.28

By Pak Sheung Chuen

The Equator of Alienation

By Alberto Toscano

Sixteen Professions

By Hu Fang

The Last Will and Testament of Me a Poor Sinful and Worthless Creature Commonly Known by the Assumed Name of George Psalmanazar

By Hongjohn Lin

Marshal Tie Jia

By Hsu Chia-Wei

Modern Monsters

By David Der-Wei Wang

The Freedom of Speech Itself

By Lawrence Abu Hamdan