Taipei Notes: 2011.11.19–2011.11.28

By Pak Sheung Chuen

Using his self and his writing, Pak Sheung Chuen’s playful work slyly alters the experience of everyday life to reveal artistic moments in which reality and the imaginary weave together. He explores, on the one hand, the mental and social “space” between everything that is structured, routine, and stable in our world, and on the other, he investigates coincidence, chance encounters, the arbitrary, and the possible. Forming part of his L (Phase I), which consists of ideas and observations systematically written down in notebooks, Pak’s work for the Taipei Biennial 2012 consists of notes he took while on a trip to Taipei in November 2011, and are presented as text on the windows facing the Taipei Fine Arts Museum internal courtyard.


Ask your wife to take a photograph of you every evening while you sleep. 2011–11–19

The radio is playing songs of the dead. 2011–11–19

Record the sounds of your life. Continually play the sounds in an empty house when you die. 2011–11–19

Replace every word with peoples' names. 2011–11–19

Close your eyes and look at the light in front of you. Once at the top of the mountain and once at the foot of the mountain.

Find someone similar to you on the street and frankly introduce yourself. 2011-11-19

Look at a cloud above the clouds while on a cloud. 2011-11-19

Try to find an acquaintance on the airplane. 2011–11–19.

Fly a paper plane on an airplane from tail to nose. 2011–11–19

When you are sitting on the airplane, she is sitting on the ground looking at the sky. 2011–11–19

Let the monks play an electronic video game. The soldiers don't open fire, but only hide from enemies on the battlefield until they die. 2011–11–19

As soon as I step into Taiwan, my mind automatically switches to Chinese. 2011–11–19

Where does the "sound" of the "voice" speaking in our hearts come from?/The voice in our hearts and the sound emitted from our mouths are two kinds of texture. The sounds from the mouth are produced by vibrations in the throat. The "voice" in our hearts should be the sound's memory of what you would like to say out loud. 2011–11–19

Use your mouth to say a word and allow your heart to reply. Practice communicating with yourself. 2011-11-19

Use a paper towel to lock water inside a square. 2011-11-19

Pour the maximum amount of water on a table. 2011-11-19

Make a glass bottle similar to your own body. Fill it with water and then drink the water into your body. 2011-11-19

Your body temperature on the subway window slowly penetrates other peoples' faces. 2011-11-19

A young girl installs a camera lens on the ceiling of her room and broadcasts her life on the internet around-the-clock. Allow voyeuristic living to become a habit. 2011-11-19

Every evening randomly pour coins from your purse onto the table and only leave out the coins with Chiang Kai-shek's head facing upward. Create an exhibition after one year. 2011–11–19

Put your glass cup next to your friend's glass cup. Pour water into her leftover water and slowly drink it. 2011–11–20

Look at the roundness of the water's surface, slowly becoming one with the roundness of the cup's top. 2011–11–20

Keep water in your mouth. The water is the shape of your mouth. 2011–11–20

A pen's ink cartridge is a static "one" word. All written words consist of this "one" word. 2011–11–20

Use a pen to write the longest "one" word. 2011–11–20

One pen draws only a straight line; another pen draws only a horizontal line. 2011–11–20

A bitten-off piece of fingernail falls to the ground and merges into a circle with other peoples' fingernails. 2011-11-20

A hair fell onto the ground and overlapped with other peoples' hair at a point. 2011–11–20

Take a photograph of your back each day. 2011–11–20

Photograph a stone, print out the photo, and then take a photograph of the stone in the photo. Are you taking a photograph of a stone or a photo? 2011–11–20

Use a camera to photograph yourself directly and yourself in the mirror, then place the two photographs together. 2011–11–20

You see two different scenes when you watch TV, one is the image coming from the TV and the other is the image reflected on the surface of the TV. 2011–11–20

You see yourself in the TV screen when it suddenly goes black. 2011–11–20

Look for the time difference between you and your reflection in the mirror. 2011–11–20

On Christmas require a TV station to broadcast snowflakes on the TV in the house of a person who lives on the tallest mountain in Iceland. 2011–11–20

Install the light switches for the room in the hall and install the hall's light switches in the room. 2011–11–20

Put a radio on the city's tallest peak and broadcast the highest frequency sounds. 2011–11–20

Put a microphone on the moon and broadcast the sounds of the moon on the internet around-the-clock. 2011–11–20

Cangjie input method is a Taiwanese political education tool. 2011–11–20

Go to Taiwan to see a Taiwanese movie and enter Taiwan in the Taiwanese movie. 2011–11–20

Make a book about skin and precisely photograph every part of skin on a young girl's body. Print the photographs on the color pages of the book. 2011–11–20

Bring a painting on a trip and hang it on the wall to look at, regardless of where you live. 2011–11–20

Photograph the desktop where you work and put it on the desktop of your computer. 2011–11–20

Use a light bulb to create a light sculpture. Put in a light bulb and the work will appear regardless of where you go. 2011–11–20

There is an empty castle on top of a mountain, and you can control the lights from a switch in another mountain.

Launch a satellite into the sky above India, pretending it is a bright star. 2011-11-20

Use a computer's "screen protector" to create a work of art. The work appears when nobody is using the computer. 2011–11–20

The audience cannot be part of the artist's day. 2011–11–20

A day inside the artist's mind has no audience. 2011–11–20

Place a large collection of gathered clocks in an entirely black room. There is no time in the darkness. 2011–11–20

Two people stand together: one person expresses all of his thoughts out loud, and the other only follows everything that the thoughtful person does. 2011–11–20

People who like to talk and people who don't like to talk are friends. 2011–11–20

When singing from the bottom of one's heart, stop and listen attentively until one is finished singing. 2011–11–20

Pay attention to the emptiness between thoughts. 2011–11–20

From the bottom of your heart, take note of the silence between sentences. 2011–11–20

Think of the greatest number of people in a lifetime. 2011–11–20

Make various noises with your body without using your mouth. 2011–11–20

Use your mouth to imitate the sounds your body makes. 

Steal a seed from prison and plant the seed in a houseplant until it blossoms. 2011–11–20

Grow weeds from prison in a pot, mark the source of the weeds, and sell them at the prison's open day. 2011–11–20

Two people on an island walk to the farthest place. 2011–11–20

Go to one of the largest countries and engage in activities in the smallest space. 2011–11–20

Look at the rectangular window frame, photograph, and TV with round eyes. 2011–11–20

Watch the round moon with round eyes. 2011–11–20

The time on the clock face moves in a circular direction. 

Look up the most ancient pronunciation, meaning, and writing of your name while repeatedly reading aloud, thinking, and writing. 2011–11–20

Record an elderly person's oldest memory. 2011–11–20

The truck's body is a mirror when it passes on the street. 

Road Movie: A projector plays a movie on trucks lining the side street. Watch the movie moving over the side street / the movie moves around on the side street. 2011–11–20

Collect all of the signs with the word "God" and distribute them to different people to worship at home. 2011–11–20

Produce Q version statues according to the appearance of the temple's statues and establish a Q version temple that allows young people to worship. 2011–11–20

A naked Buddha statue is placed inside a temple, the subject of sacrifice and worship. 2011–11–20

Cut out a "black" word from of a piece of black paper. There is no longer a "black" word on the black paper, but you can still see a "black" word. 2011–11–20

To use words of light is to use words of shadow. 2011–11–20

The projector casts light on the wall. The projector casts a full screen shadow on the wall, but you can still see a faint light. 2011–11–20

Place an object in front of the projector, it casts a shadow on the screen. 2011–11–20

Write down the names of a district's newborn babies and its recently deceased. 2011–11–20

Every room in the hotel is painted a different color. 2011–11–20

Some people can only start to dream when sleeping by your side. 2011–11–20

Write all of your passwords on paper and analyze the details. 2011–11–20

Look for information on a missing Hong Kong person in Hong Kong and accompany him back to where he had been. 

Sightsee, eat, and drink as you like on the first three days of a six day trip. By the fourth day, the stroke of life is just like the past three days. 2011–11–20

Bring back a bamboo forest's outermost layer of chopped bamboo, sequentially placing the bamboo forest's perimeter on a restaurant's walls. 2011–11–20

Follow people buying flowers on a trip around the city. 

Follow a person home from the Fine Arts Museum. Stand in the shade when he stands in the sun; stand in the sun when he stands in the shade. 2011–11–21

Fill the seats in a subway car and leave a love seat open for people in need. 2011–11–21

Borrow a painting from the Fine Arts Museum and use the painting to fan museum visitors. 2011–11–21

Sweep together all of the hair on the floor of the Fine Arts Museum and make a wig. 2011–11–21

Use a place as your name. It will be like calling far away every time someone calls for you. 2011–11–21

Install an electronic diagram outside the door of the women's restroom, display the time and type of each stall's usage in real-time. 2011–11–21

Think of your friend who is farthest away from you and go nearest to him, but don't disturb him. 2011–11–21

Find all of the photographs in your photo album that are taken with couples and measure the distance between you and your friends. 2011–11–21

Maintain your standing position at the halfway point between two strangers. 2011–11–21

Approach someone wearing the same color as you and listen to the instructions he gives you today. 2011–11–21

I see my figure standing outside the door in the women's restroom mirror. 2011–11–21

You have always seen the moon as being bigger than the sun. 2011–11–21

An address looks like a poem. 2011–11–21

Write the relevant vocabulary word on everything you see in an elementary school. 2011–11–21

Use words to express the visual world. 2011–11–21

Replicate a celebrated people's foreign language with a ringtone. 2011–11–22

Listen to your tiniest breath. 2011–11–22

Select a series of works from the collection of the Fine Arts Museum that is only seen in winter. 2011–11–22

Use your finger to touch yourself in a photo. 2011–11–22

Decide the age of your death and prepare for death once half of your life has passed. 2011–11–22

Only speak between other people's two sentences. 2011–11–22

Use your left eye to look at your right eye: close your right eye and use your left eye to look in the mirror at your closed right eye, open your right eye. 2011–11–22

Maintain two eyes while making different movements. 

The train is exactly the length of a cave, the train stopped motionless in the mountains. 2011–11–22

Put stone from the Natural History Museum in the History Museum. 2011–11–22

Make a hole with your hand and invite strangers to insert their fingers. 2011–11–22.

Read a book about trains on the train. 2011–11–22

Set a book about fire on fire and listen to the sound of the flame. 2011–11–22

Go to the Shihlin Night Market to listen to the voices of Hong Kong people. 2011–11–22.

Residents living on the top floor and ground floor of the building exchange potted plants. 2011–11–22.

Continuously photograph 24 hours on the clock and continually repeat at home, using images in place of time. 2011–11–22

Use your left hand to imitate the movements of your right hand. 2011–11–23

Collect sweaty clothes from famous people and create a sweat museum. 2011–11–23

Use your nose to smell things in the museum. 2011–11–23

The artist is creating in a creative way. 2011–11–23

Find someone who has not used a camera and take a photograph of them. 2011–11–23

A tree stores rain, it is still raining after a downpour. 

Running leads to thoughts of love. 2011–11–23

Sleeping people rarely dream about themselves in their sleep. 2011–11–24

Collect writers' used pens and don't write a word. 2011–11–24

Go to an old movie theater to watch an old movie. 2011–11–24

When watching a movie, one's eyes constantly look at the lights turned off on the ceiling of the movie theater. 2011–11–24

Watch an old TV playing an old movie in a movie. 2011–11–24

Use a big TV to play the picture on a small TV. 2011–11–24

I like to walk home on the darkest road. 2011–11–24

Don't focus on photographing a cloud, like a cloud.

The collection is not focused on family photos. 2011–11–24

Collect photos of clouds, cut half of a cloud, look for the other half. 2011–11–24

Find the oldest photo of a cloud in history and render it as a painting. 2011–11–24

Clouds appeared in a worldwide collection of photo albums from 1977. 2011–11–24

The naked body is a coat. 2011–11–24

Walk to the tallest peak from the island's farthest shore. 

Silently walk around the boundary of the island. 2011–11–24

Place the cross above the church on the worshippers inside the church. 2011–11–25

In a room without windows it is nighttime during the day and daytime during the night. 2011–11–25

A line is painted down the middle of a room without windows. Life on the left is daytime and life on the right is night. 

Go to a restaurant frequented by famous people. There are opportunities and shared dishes with famous people. 

Live in the presidential suite. It has opportunities and the president's wife in the same bed. 2011–11–25

Two street lights, together as one. 2011–11–25

Write the artist's preferred times for starting and finishing work. 2011–11–25

Realize your nighttime dreams during the day. 2011–11–25

Devise all of the things that should be done and write them on a white piece of paper, but don't do them. 2011–11–26

Remove a piece of brick from the government headquarters and throw it at the government. 2011–11–26

Write a diary entry for the day before yesterday. 2011–11–26

Look at your back in old photographs. 2011–11–26

Cut a triangle out of the upper right corner of a photograph you like and paste this small triangle on the corner of different everyday objects. 2011–11–26

First enter a big house where nobody lives and then continue shouting. 2011–11–26

Please do not look to artists to solve the problem! 2011–11–26

Link the tallest points of all of the seaside buildings, it's a mountain. 2011–11–26

Firmly fix your body under the right corner of her room, close to her. 2011–11–27

Add up the numbers in your dreams. 2011–11–27

Look at a lamp. Close your eyes and watch the light from the lamp disappear in your eyes. 2011–11–27

Look at a white square picture frame and allow the frame to reflect the largest square on the surface of your black pupil. 2011–11–27

Text is political. 2011–11–27

Watch a person hitting a tree at night. 2011–11–27

A potted plant was moved from outside the Fine Arts Museum and displayed inside the Fine Arts Museum. 2011–11–27

Create an exhibition in the storage rooms at the Fine Arts Museum. 2011–11–27

Fold a bill inside your wallet every time you are hungry. Count the bills once a week and donate the total amount to starving people. 2011–11–27

Paint a woman's fetus and draw a map of the patterns. 

Watch 24 parts of movies from different countries for 24 hours. 

See the fingerprints on ancient pottery. 2011–11–28

The person you want to meet in the movie looks positively at you. 2011–11–28

Buy a puzzle of a world map and only put together the ocean. 2011–11–28

Within one day call all of your friends living around the world and wake them up just as the sun rises. 2011–11–28

Create a "not" work of art. 2011–11–28

Ask a group of painters to clean the hallway of an old estate. Ask a group of sculptors to cook dinner in the kitchen. 2011–11–28

Draw out a man's time on a timetable. 2011–11–28

Divide all songs into four seasons and appreciate the various climates. 2011–11–28