Post-Nature—A Museum as an Ecosystem Symposium Agenda(First Session)
18. Nov. 2018 (Sun)  Democratizing Boundaries

In the Critical Zone:  Ecological Vulnerability and Democratic Resistance

Keynote Speaker: Paul Jobin

Moderator: Manray Hsu


14:30–14:35 Break

Translating Multi-layered Relationships

Panel Discussion: Artists Talks

- Nicholas Mangan

- Zheng Bo

- Tue Greenfort

Moderator: Manray Hsu


15:35–15:40 Break

Formosa, a Beautiful Island?

Panel Discussion: Artists Talks

- Ke Chin-Yuan

- Ruangsak (Joe) Anuwatwimon

- Jui-Kuang Chao

Moderator: Lu Pei-Yi



Closing Remarks

Curator Mali Wu



Paul Jobin│Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica
Jobin received his Socio-Economics Ph.D. from Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in France; he is currently an associate research fellow at the Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica. His field of research is Sociology of Risk (industrial pollution, health hazards, geopolitical risk), Law and Society, Science Studies, Social Movements, Contemporary Taiwanese Society and Politics, Contemporary Japan.


Manray Hsu│Independent Curator
Ph.D. candidate at Graduate Institute of Philosophy, Columbia University in New York; he is currently an independent curator. He was one of the two curators in 2008 Taipei Biennial. His field of research interest is the globalization of cultural situation, relationships between aesthetics and politics, and the geographical politics of contemporary art.


Nicholas Mangan│Artist
Nicholas Mangan dismantles accepted histories, often relating to geopolitics and the environment, reformulating them to reveal alternative narratives. Frequently starting from a single object or event, Mangan unlocks the complex dynamic between human action and the state of nature through a process of disassembly and reformation.


Ruangsak Anuwatwimon│Artist
Ruangsak Anuwatwimon is a Thai contemporary artist based in Bangkok. Linking art, science and nature, he is looking towards a regeneration of the sculpture concept. His poetic and conceptual pieces often made of ashes of different animals reflect on the protagonist relationship humans have with our natural world.


Chao Rui-Kuang│Division of Environment, Tainan Community University
He is currently a researcher and a lecturer at the division of environment, Tainan Community University. He spends his time paying attention to and trying to help people understand the problem of marine debris, rivers, old trees, and species of bats.


Lu Pei-Yi│Cultural and Creative Industries Management, National Taipei University of Education
Lu received her Humanity and Cultural Studies Ph.D. at the University of London; she is currently an assistant professor and the program leader of the International Graduate Program, Critical and Curatorial Studies of Contemporary Art. Her field of research interest is the Theory and Practice of Contemporary Curatorial Studies, Off-Site Art (art practices outside museums), Art Museum Issues, etc.