TB10 is reconsidering the biennial format through a number of structural proposals. Although we have no curatorial master plan to scream from the rooftops, a potential leitmotif is the question of what is distinctive of biennials today. What are the conditions of production a biennial creates, what can you do with a biennial that you cannot do with anything else.


Some working premises are as follows

TB08 Revisited

Avoiding the usual tabula rasa, TB10 will build on ideas and projects from previous Taipei Biennials. For example, a number of TB 2008 artists are invited to critically revisit their previous contributions. 

Two More Years

Artists first approached for TB10 were involved in a wider curatorial discussion. This resulted in a transfiguration of TB10 into a two year process, leading to a series of smaller exhibitions 2012. The process will be sustained by an academic framework that is currently being finalized, ideally resulting in sustainable art-pedagogical infrastructure.

The Show

is deliberately restricted to 24 featured artists. Among the 38 artworks, nearly half are new commissions, many more are ambitious adaptations of older work. Much of the work is process-oriented, and a third is collaborative in some manner, with some 50 further artists being included via such collaborations.


Three critical companions are invited to consistently produce unsparing feedback, also amounting to interventions during TB10. The exercise hopes to upend the polarity of the corrupt intellectual vs innocent autonomy.

September Events

The ambitious events program will kick off before the exhibition, offering a more composite timeline than usual.

Artist Cinema

The screening program includes 49 films by 38 artists. The artist-designed cinema contraption offers the viewing conditions of a movie theatre.

Lecture Theater

Avoiding the usual difficulties of conference translation, key essays explaining the biennial phenomenon from various angles will be translated into Mandarin. These will be read by Taipei actors and actresses.

Collaborations with Taipei Art Spaces

To engage with infrastructure and art production within the city, independent spaces have been invited to articulate various levels of collaboration. These resulting seven projects are neither parallel events nor curate contributions, but interfaces taking on wildly unpredictable flavors and criteria in each and every case.


TB10 Revisited
Lara Almarcegui
Burak Delier
Artist List:
Can Altay
Chang Yun-Han
Chris Evans
Shahab Fotouhi
Christian Jankowski
Jao Chia-En
Silvia Kolbowski
Pak Sheung Cheun
Olivia Plender
Michael Portnoy
Allan Sekula
Larry Shao
Shi Jin-hua
Hito Steyerl
Mario Garcia Torres
Wang Ya Hui
Claude Wampler
Wong Wai-Yin
Yeh Wei-Li
Carey Young