The 6th Taipei Biennial will offer a variety of encounters with the city of Taipei that differ in context to those of previous editions. The curators Manray Hsu and Vasif Kortun do not believe that the Biennial can function as an imported final product and therefore plan to commission as many works as possible. By means of these new projects the curators and artists will expose for the first time the diverse opportunities that this Biennial is capable of creating and responding to.

A large part of the Biennial will be realized in the museum galleries, but the curators are also looking to find a number of other meaningful locations in the city in which to host fragments of the exhibition. Some of these sites will be chosen in consultation with the selected artists who plan to produce site-specific work.

Mr. Hsu and Mr. Kortun will endeavor to articulate their approach to the Biennial throughout its planning phase, both to the arts professionals of Taiwan, as well as to Taipei's many local communities. They believe that it is important to communicate their thinking and engage as many people as possible in shaping the exhibition. Towards this end, the curators and artists will give talks over the coming months in order to prompt discussions and ideas that will help to inform the Biennial and also inspire additional projects to be launched in tandem with the Biennial.