Asia Art Archive

A possible world: Taipei Biennale
By Lydia Ngai, Head Librarian
Venues: Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei Art Park, Taipei Brewery, Zhongxiao Xinsheng MRT Station, PDP in MRT, Taipei Arena/Taipei Screen.


For the Taipei Biennale 2008, the curators, Manray Hsu and Vasif Kortun, have launched an inquiry into the ‘neo-liberal Capitalist’ globalized world that we are now living in. Despite the larger-than-life messages, the biennale is often playful because of witty choices of artists and artworks. Most works can be read as political statements tinted with various intensities of humour. The section ‘A World Where Many Worlds Fit’, curated by Oliver Ressler, brought 12 anarchist artists/groups into the venue and is an ambitious attempt to illustrated counter-globalization movements. It is amazing to see a group of cooperative anarchists orderly displaying their statements and records of their social actions in a museum!