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Zornig and problem-consciously
Expansively - the Taipei Biennale for contemporary art
By Sabine B. Vogel



Louder flag-swinging sticking comrades populate the entrance hall of the Taipei Fine kind museum, from the cover hang enormous banners, and on the ground lie in great quantities multilingual communist manifesto notes, which plead for "errorism". It is wild greetings, with which one of the oldest international Biennales of Asia receives us here. As one of the first "tiger states", richly nascently with the "larva in Taiwan" - cheap products, the island state already created 1992 the Taipeh Biennale. Now, to the 7th edition, the two curators Manray Hsu (Taipeh/Berlin) and Vasif widen Kortun (Istanbul) the exhibition for the first time from the museum into the urban space outside - and this not only spatially with the contributions in underground stations and a brewery, but also contentwise. Because do not stand less than all problem zones of the recent millenium here to the debate: Migration, globalization, micro nations, war and the possibilities of reacting to it and on the other hand.

Artists, political activists and artist activists interfere into conditions, Internacional Errorista plead for the power of the errors, Burak Delier use themselves with its "Counter Attack" for a indigene subpopulation, olive Ressler arrange an exhibition approximately around anti-globalization strategies, and at the table of the group of artists of IRWIN we can request a "NSK" - passport. To carry out, tells of it passport holder in the large video projections knew what unexpected services this document. At all video is the priority medium of this enormously zornigen Biennale. We can in the installations of Superflex potatoes with the hammer zermatschen, but usually the curators take to us into the responsibility. We hear, tragic stories documented by Mario Rizzi of immigrants in Taiwan, pursue Wei Lius failure with the attempt to speak with Chinese students about the Tiananmen massacre and by the smooth aesthetics of the four "Smash the ghetto" - videos of the Spanish group of artists of Democracia are dazzled.

Strictly speaking however it does not concern at all into Taipeh around art, anyhow not an art market art. Here the public is to be aroused. During the opening the curators postulated that the 150,000 visitors from this Biennale would come out changed. New tendencies and global high points are waived on the more and more parallel taking place art fair better. On the other hand a problem consciousness is to be created here - a task, for which Biennales are perfectly suitable in their splits between international requirement and local addressing.
Taipei Fine kind museum. Until 1 April 2009. Catalog NT-$ 100.